How to Register in Employment Exchange of Assam ?
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How to Register in Employment Exchange of Assam ?

Employment Exchange Registration in Assam

All of you must have known that most of Grade C and Grade D posts under Assam Government need to submit Employment Exchange Registration Certificate mandatorily during the recruitment process. In this article, we will discuss about how to register your name in Employment Exchange and get an Employment Exchange certificate.

Overview of Employment Exchange Registration

- The candidate is sponsored against notified vacancies as per his qualification, age, category, etc.
- The candidate becomes a part of the live data of registration in the Employment Exchanges.
- Being a registered applicant, the candidate is eligible for sponsorship for trainings / coaching under different Govt. schemes.
- The candidate is also eligible for career guidance for self-employment.

Process flow for Employment Exchange Registration

- Ascertaining the eligibility of the candidate by Registration Officials.
- Candidate is to Register in the nearest Employment Exchange where the candidate resides.
- Pre-Registration guidance by Registration Officials.

- Go to the Registration Counter of the Employment Exchange,
- Produce the relevant documents in original,
- Registration Form is issued by the Registration Officer,
- Filling up of the Registration Form by the candidate,
- The candidate is guided in the filling up of the form by officials,
- Submission of filled up form,
- Employment Exchange Official Check the filled form and verifies the documents,
- Employment Exchange Registration Card is issued to the candidate,
- Registration process is complete.

Eligibility Criteria for Employment Exchange Registration

To get Registration in any Employment Exchanges of Assam, the candidates or their parent's residence / place of residence should be for about 20/ 25 years within the State of Assam.

Application Fee of Employment Exchange Registration in Assam

There is no fee for registration. Employment service is free.

Documents required for Employment Exchange Registration

- List of original documents (To be shown) and attested copies thereof (to be submitted) at the time of applying for Registration.
- Proof of Residency.
- Age proof (Birth Certificate/ HSLC Admit Card/ School Certificate, etc.)
- Education qualification certificate.
- Additional Qualification Certificates, etc.
- Experience certificate, if any.
- Caste Certificate.
- 3 copies of Self attested recent Passport size photographs.

How to apply for Employment Exchange Registration

- Visit nearest Employment Exchange.
- Apply in prescribed form.

Employment Exchange Registration in Assam Application Form

The application form is Assam Schedule LXIII, Form No. 1. Download Link: Click Here .

Guidelines for filling the Employment Exchange Registration Form

- The candidate has to fill the information from sl. 5 till sl. 23. Information which is not applicable may be left blank.
- Optional questionnaire may also be filled.

Important Timeline of Employment Exchange

- The registration of job seekers would be allowed during all the working hours of the working day. A notice to this effect may be displayed suitably for the information of visitors.
- The registration time is 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on all working days except Govt. Holidays.

Whom to contact

- Registration Officials of District Employment Exchanges / Employment Exchange / University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau, etc.

Employment Exchange Registration - Online or Offline Service

- At present the service is provided offline.