Career in Power Sector: NPTI Guwahati Introduces New Course in O&M of Power Transmission & Distribution Systems
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Career in Power Sector: NPTI Guwahati Introduces New Course in O&M of Power Transmission & Distribution Systems

The main objective of electricity industry is to achieve customer satisfaction through generation of electricity of the right quality and quantity at an affordable cost and supply to the consumers efficiently whenever and wherever required. This involves planning, design, engineering, procurement, handling and storing, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of power plants, equipment, transmission and distribution, sale of energy and collection of revenue, management of personnel and finance etc., each a critical task in its own right. 

Trained manpower is required at every stage of the above mentioned tasks. Fast advancement of technology is making every sphere of the electricity supply industry more and more sophisticated, requiring specially skilled engineers, supervisors, artisans, managers etc. to manage the industry. The growing concern over environmental degradation and depletion of the conventional energy sources has made the task more challenging.

The technical knowledge acquired from engineering colleges, polytechnics, industrial training institutes and other technical institutions needs to be supplemented with applied engineering and managerial skills. These skills are to be regularly updated to cope with the ever progressing and rapidly advancing technologies being introduced in the power sector where the speed of obsolescence often overtakes the pace of acquisition of a particular skill.

With Government planning for the one nation one grid project, lot of job opportunities are ahead and it is the right time for a Power Training for the young engineers ,which will enhanced their skills in the right direction.

NPTI NER Guwahati introduces 26 weeks Post Diploma Course in operation and maintenance of Transmission & Distribution in power system which will train the participants to take care of future needs of T&D sector and prepare them for the present and future jobs. The course has been designed as per relevant CEA guidelines.

Eligibility: Diploma Engineers -Electrical & Electronics.

National Power Training Institute (NPTI), an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 organisation under Ministry of Power, Government of India is a National Apex body for Training and Human Resources Development in Power Sector with its Corporate Office at Faridabad. NPTI had been providing its dedicated service for more than five decades.

NPTI has trained over 3,20,000 Power Professionals in regular Programs over the last 5 decades. NPTI is the world's leading integrated power training institute. NPTI is the only institute of its kind in the world with a wide geographical spread and covering a wide gamut of academic and training programs in Power Sector. NPTI's committed faculty is providing excellent training in the Power Sector, which is the most important sector among various infrastructure sectors. 

Training provided by NPTI on Generation Simulators has improved Plant Load Factor of Generating Units, has increased the availability of Transmission & Distribution Systems and has decreased Aggregate Technical & Commercial Losses. This in turn is providing more power to the country. Thus the training being provided by NPTI is having a cascading effect in the growth of GDP and economy of the country.

How to apply: Interested candidates may contact Sambit Gantayat, Deputy Director, NPTI Guwahati in this regard. Pl contact  or WHATS APP 9004735957.